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Do the ladies sit in their rooms all day, alone and bored?

No! Let's take a look at some of the activities and options available to them.

Residents at Jennie E Caldwell have a wide range of activities to choose from.  These activities include crafts, baking, bingo, cards, tooling around town on the golf cart, indoor events, and a variety of church services.

Meals are served family style in the dining room. Family and friends are always welcome to join their resident for meals. You won't find boring bland meals here. Good ole home cookin' is always the order of the day.

On their birthdays, the ladies choose their favorite meal for dinner!

Chapel services are offered on site, to allow the ladies to worship together in a close knit environment. As always, family and friends are always encourged to join us.

Your family member doesn't disappear within the walls never to be seen again. We encourage family and friends to visit often, and the ladies are free to come and go as they please. Out to lunch, out shopping, off on family vacations.
Welcome to the beauty shop! Once a week, the beautician comes to make sure all our ladies look as lovely as possible. They enjoy sitting and chatting as the beautician works her magic.

One of our current ladies adores gardening. Each year, for Mothers Day, her son buys her flowers and she plants this lovely display. She enjoys working with the flowers.
Shown here is Miss Ann's vegetable garden. The ladies enjoy the delicious bounty she shares with everyone.

The ladies enjoy a good game of cards. They normally play each day, with friends, family and staff, whomever is available. Caution: Word has it the ladies cheat!
The ladies rooms are beautifully appointed, and complimented by all of her own things. The environment is a homey one, rather than a stark clinical environment.



Give us a call to arrange a tour of the building.  Call 219.474.6136.

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